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How we Work

Based on the initial project description provided by the client, Alva Global provides an approximate estimate of the cost and time required to do the work.

Our project manager closely communicates with the client to elaborate a comprehensive and detailed project concept. Based on that concept he creates a prototype and a Functional Specification (FS). Client participates by providing feedback and comments that are incorporated into the prototype and FS. When the prototype is approved by the client, a final project estimate is made.

At this stage solution coding phase begins. Project manager continues to communicate with the client to clear up all details and reports on the project progress. He also supervises and coordinates the work on graphic design and testing for the solution.

At this stage solution is deployed on client’s servers and is placed into operation. Client actively participates in the acceptance of the solution.

Postproduction support and development
If your solution requires further enhancement or development at any time during operation, our specialists will be able to assist you. You can choose from many support options that we offer to suit you best.

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